Surgical Mask Disposable 99% BFE Quality Quarenteed

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Surgical Mask Disposable 99% BFE Quality Quarenteed

Product Details

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Product Name:Professional protective mask(Non-medical)


Executive Standard:EN149:2001+A1:009


Life:No more than 8 hours

Shelf Life:2 years

Production Date:See packaging

Storage: Storaging temparature between -30 C~-40 C,storing under wel-venialed, dak and dry environmant wit re asive humidit fess than 8o% .keepng away from fire and pollution.

Wear Instructions

Face the mask without nose clip, pull the ear strap with both hands, so that the nose clip is above the mask.

Stick the mask on your chin.

After pulling the ear strap to the ear, adjust the ear strap to be comfortable.

Place both hands and fngers in the middle of the metl nosecip, press once inward and move the fingerips along the nose clip to both sides untl he nose clip is completely pressed into the shape of the nose bridge. Pinching the nose lp with one hand may affect the tightness of the mask.


Pease read the weaing instucons cartlly bebore use,Falure to use the mask according to the instructions or improper wearing in the polluted environment willseriously affect the weaning effect.

If the mask is damaged or has too many obstructions which make it difficult to breathe, discard or reaplace the mask.

This mask must not be refitted or cleaned.

Product name
Isolation layer

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